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The Case Of Mary Morstan

I don't know why, but I really wish for Mary Morstan (John's Girlfriend/wife)to appear in season 3, she don't need to be his wife,I think marrying John off wouldn’t make much sense in the modern setting, but I could see Mary as a long-term girlfriend.

So if you could chose who would you like to play Mary Morstan? And how do you think her personality wil be like?

I think she will be a combination of Molly and Irene and Sarah; sweet, brave and stylish.

And I would like to see Deepti Daryanani as Mary Morstan since the orginal Mary Morstan lived in India for a while it would have been a little cool to have a indian actress to play her, I'm pretty sure it won't be a indian actress who plays her, but a girl is allowed to dream.

The Case Of Mary Morstan
 Idunn posted over a year ago
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MrsWormtongue said:
I, personally, am pretty sure about the fact that she will no-doubt appear in future series. And John will most likely move away from Baker Street with her, as it has been hinted that he will in fact leave the flat. Sad, but it had to happen I suppose.

As to her personality, yes she would have to be a bit more on the brave side to keep up with John, and also she would have to be a bit open-minded concerning Sherlock. As she can't be as opposed to him as the other late girlfriends of John Watson, or she might just end up leaving him promptly when Sherlock reappears.

I really don't have an opinion about who would play her, since I hardly believe that's up for us to decide. The choice of an actor/actress is more depended on timing and personal chemistry rather than looks or superficial things.

But these series have surprised us with many curious new things and changes, such as Irene being a lesbian dominatrix (beyond amazing and hilarious that one). So I still hope they'd keep up with the same original style in future series.

Who knows? John could get a boyfriend.

Mike Morstan? ;)
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posted over a year ago 
I'm pretty sure they will suprise us :)
Idunn posted over a year ago
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