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Fan fiction by xi_omega posted 3 months ago
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Dream walking
Super Strength
Super Stamina
Weather manipulation
Flight (in true form)
Reality warping (only those who are have Crossroads demon, seraph, yellow eye demon or archangel heritage. See rules)

Angle blades (kills, injures)
Archangel blade (kills, injures)
Ruby's knife (injures only)
Holy fire (imprisons, injures)
Angle exorcism chant (removed from vessel)
God (can kill)
Eve (can bloke power)
Deaths scythe (kills only)
First blade (injures only)
Leviathans (can kill)
Angle trap (imprisons)
Hex bags (unable to find anyone hidden by it)
Lucifer's cage (imprison)
Angle blade bullets (kills and injures)
The colt (kills and injures)
Article by Flickerflame posted 4 months ago
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This is a theory I've just come up with. Probably won't ever happen, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

It's about the Cage and Michael and Lucifer.

We know the Cage was built to withstand the strength of one archangel, right? That's why the seals needed to be broken to unlock it before the Apocalypse could begin. And for the first year and a half, Michael and Lucifer were probably too busy torturing Sam and being annoyed at him for wrecking their fight. Then they probably did fight for a while. They're probably doing that right now.

What if they eventually decide to have a ceasefire and ally temporarily in order to break free of the Cage? The strength of 2 archangels together could be enough to do it.
Opinion by mariepam198 posted 7 months ago
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Hi people I am Marie and today I am writing this article to inform everyone about Fanpop's Got Talent 2014 which is about to start .

So the follow are the basics you need to know about this contest :

Any participant who doesn't register himself/herself will not be allowed to participate and their entries will be declared invalid.

According to the FGT 2014 Rule Book every participant can submit one and only one entry in each FGT.

Here are the categories when signing up please mention in which category you will participate.

1.Haiku/Poetry Contest
2.Fan Fiction/ One Shots Contest
3.Singing and Dancing Contest
4.Drawing and Digital Art Contest

You all will have to submit your entry in Fanpop's Got Talent 2014 club , if your entry is in another site you can add link to that page in the link section.

Plus you will have to mention (if you want every one to see your entry in your contests category forum which will soon be created.