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New Banner and Icon Forum 2018 - CLOSED  flowerdrop 2 1654 over a year ago
Lets play with Taylor xxx  Diane1 611 146067 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner A-Z game  kristenfan10109 2 4119 over a year ago
TL is the best thing in my life!!!!!  ilovetlautner 0 3532 over a year ago
Countdown to 34.000 fans!  mariafan 108 20150 over a year ago
Picture Contest!!!! :-)  Diane1 467 62580 over a year ago
Let's Talk! <3  Stefy 2386 97295 over a year ago
<3 Taylor Icon Contest <3  Diane1 94 16199 over a year ago
cool  ericafree 0 1666 over a year ago
<3  maddie1146 0 1716 over a year ago
LET'S GET THIS TAYLOR PARTY GOIN!! :D  katialautnerxx 12 3270 over a year ago
Is it Taylor after surgery on drugs?!  gutygurl 0 1914 over a year ago
100 fun facts about taylor??  sha_lautner96 16 7748 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Facebook cover for the new timeline!<3  95ashley59 0 6382 over a year ago
Countdown to 27ooo fans!  nessie-eska 4 2714 over a year ago
Gallery of the Taylor Lautner Picture contest winners!!! :)  Diane1 38 13084 over a year ago
Watch One Piece Episode 528 online Megavideo  TripleH22 1 3125 over a year ago
countdown  lottielovejacob 40 2729 over a year ago
Watch Dexter Season 6 Episode 12 Online Megavideo  TripleH22 1 2783 over a year ago
Talyor making a new Episode  TripleH22 0 1669 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Pic Contest! win Props =)  Mrs_twiLautner 6 4462 over a year ago
count down to 24000 fans  lottielovejacob 50 2846 over a year ago
Complete the sentence!  Mrs_twiLautner 9 1762 over a year ago
Twilight fans needed for an online survey  Artemis22333 0 569 over a year ago
Marry me,Tori  rockyroad33 1 1041 over a year ago
New Taylor Lautner Spot Icon/Banner Suggestion*CLOSED*  Haley-Lautner 73 4859 over a year ago
taylor has a twin  wolfgirl75 0 819 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner has a TWIN! He's a ROCKSTAR  laboomba 15 4921 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Funny Faces contest!  Mrs_twiLautner 8 10673 over a year ago
other fans  jodie96 1 923 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Icon Contest <3  LoveDraco123 46 4140 over a year ago
Taylors number!!! its legit too i tried it and he responded:))  missgeorgia 5 1187 over a year ago
people to talk to  jodie96 1 782 over a year ago
CONTEST!!!! Send me your worst Taylor Pics!!! I'll make you my biggest fan!!!!  floydieface 27 4188 over a year ago
today  jodie96 1 1068 over a year ago
Taylor Game with Photos  mariafan 191 22492 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Valentine's day interview [NEW VIDEO]  TaylorxSwift 2 854 over a year ago
Met him in Cali last summer  akmovieguy 2 831 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner lookalike!  taylorsbabe772 0 989 over a year ago
♥♥Photo Competition♥♥  Andressa_Weld 52 8707 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Fansite  Lautie 2 1905 over a year ago
the taylor song  muffin99cat 7 767 over a year ago
TAYLOR LAUTNER'S 7TH GRADE YEARBOOK  Quello 3 3074 over a year ago
why do u love TAYLOR LAUTNER ?  rAsberrStrarS 2 1171 over a year ago
taylor's smile...  dimsumdolly 0 1137 over a year ago
taylor lautner fit  Sophoxyoyo 2 840 over a year ago
new friends  jodie96 2 1038 over a year ago
every body loves taylor lautner  taylorbabygirl 2 7090 over a year ago
TAYLOR LAUGHTNERS ADDRESS!!  snf18 3 1321 over a year ago
I met taylor lautner!  megzleigh 1 1066 over a year ago
The Taylor Lautner Album!  Taylor_Album 1 4236 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Icon Contest [Round 1]  lauracullen66 2 928 over a year ago
Hey  arielervin 0 1076 over a year ago
OMG!!! I MET HIM!!!!!!!  MrSpears97 13 1194 over a year ago
xomeredith1234  xomeredith1234 1 870 over a year ago
Taylor fans on facebook!?  Kaseyxoxo 0 646 over a year ago
taylor lautner  bryleelaw 0 1043 over a year ago
taylorrr<33  rokii 0 826 over a year ago
hey whats upp  angelacole 0 2116 over a year ago
anybody wanna talk:)  __sadies__ 0 1178 over a year ago
vitaminwater biggest Twilight Saga fan  EclipseInsider 0 1289 over a year ago
Please Help  mystery21pc 4 932 over a year ago
I have a taylor-love dillema-- HELP!  lawyergirl2b 3 1539 over a year ago
win a trip to the premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse  EclipseInsider 0 555 over a year ago
anyone here?  talyorsHOT 5 665 over a year ago
The A-Z game !  Stefy 30 2549 over a year ago
Our Infinite Playlist of Songs that Match How We Feel For Taylor =)  vanillamoon08 21 1639 over a year ago
What kind of guy do u think Taylor L is like?  muffin99cat 0 796 over a year ago
Vampire Vs. Werewolves  bishopsrowe 0 487 over a year ago
Best Taylor Icon!  Stefy 4 908 over a year ago
my club  imataylorlover 0 1078 over a year ago
Vote For Taylor as most attractive man! He is in this week again!  ForeverDawn5 0 1389 over a year ago
is this taylor lautner's fan club???!!!  diane11 11 2715 over a year ago
what's so great about taylor lautner  ashleysmith 20 1350 over a year ago
Having a Hottest Tayler Photo Contest  TerryKate 1 950 over a year ago
My bro  Makena_lautner 0 1225 over a year ago
Is Taylor cuter when he was younger or older?  teamjacobrox 14 1985 over a year ago
What is the hottest thing about Taylor?  sladkoto_anna 24 1617 over a year ago
I have a taylor-love dillema-- HELP!  lawyergirl2b 0 1105 over a year ago
Vampires suck! Werewolves drool! T-shirts and Merchandise  wudproductions 0 1388 over a year ago
love taylor  nazra 0 958 over a year ago
why i love taylor  mrs_lautnerxo 4 1189 over a year ago
Taylor to star in a movie!!  Italia07 0 1699 over a year ago
A international birthday card for Taylor!♥  taytay127 0 1088 over a year ago
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!! I £ove u so much!  diane11 1 946 over a year ago
Taylor B-day  letsing123 1 1066 over a year ago
Team Jacob needs votes at Fearnet!  Knickalen 0 1066 over a year ago
JACOB-FIRED  _Wink_ 3 1464 over a year ago
would u rather  rachel-rathbone 25 1330 over a year ago
almost there  rachel-rathbone 3 1047 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner questions  aly101 6 1360 over a year ago
10 million ways  rachel-rathbone 7 938 over a year ago
we love taylor!  diane11 6 854 over a year ago
how hot is taylor?  amym 12 1482 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner  edward-lover456 0 1325 over a year ago
When Do You Think Taylor Lautner's B-Day Is?  michaelfan1208 1 996 over a year ago
Spot banner&icon!  Stefy 15 1336 over a year ago
Taylor on steroids? Are you sure?  misspickle101 5 5022 over a year ago
What are the questions would you ask to Taylor??  Waxx 2 1218 over a year ago
OMG!!!! I TOTALLY MET TAYLOR!!!!!  harry-edward 32 5851 over a year ago