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Article by deathding posted 2 months ago
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*Sigh* 14 years of age. And yet, life hasn't gotten too much better. I have a bit more friends, and am getting along with life pretty well, so what's the problem?

Well, it's....These haunting memories of mine. They keep coming back to me, back when I was nothing more than a mere shadow, hiding all alone in the corner of my school.

It started out as a weird dream.... I was standing on a cliff, and there was a short gap between another cliff that I could've jumped over pretty easily, but the gap got larger.

And it was right then and there that I realized, I was alone.

It seemed like the dream wanted me to jump, but I couldn't do it. I was just...Too scared! I wanted a friend to help me with it, and cheer me on.

But the more I looked around the deserted area, the more I realized this was an absolute ghost town.

A ghost desert at that.

It reminded me of the times I had no friends, and even then, I don't get much company nowadays.
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted 2 months ago
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Giselle: hey joey watcha doin
Joey: playin five nights at freddys
Giselle: who the h**l is freddy
Joey: i dunno
Freddy: hi

And that was the end of Joey and Giselle.

Later that day...
Sammy: hey miranda
Miranda: what
Sammy: wheres joey and giselle
Miranda: they got killed by freddy
Sammy: who
Miranda: freddy
Sammy: i didnt say what i said who
Miranda: d****t sammy

And then they all got together for Thanlsgiving!
Miranda: omg sammy i totally forgive you this turkey is delicious
Sammy: i know right
Chief Mikey: im a cop
Scardey Sylvia: oh god its a cop
Chief Mikey: yeah

i said that
Scardey Sylvia: im not deaf

Scardey Sylvia: WHAAAAAAAAAT?
Article by 16falloutboy posted 2 months ago
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Ok, I've read an article where a female teacher raped her male student, who was a teenager, he was 16 I believe? But anyway, and many comments stated where, "Oh it's alright for a women to rape a man because he likes sex." and many other comments. When I saw these, I got really pissed. Women are treated badly in life and they're being treated like they can't do anything wrong. Gender doesn't matter, rape is rape. I'm pretty sure a young men with no experience, wouldn't like a grown women raping them. The boy's mind would be traumatized...why do people think a women can do what she wants? So its really bad if a man rapes a girl but totally ok when a woman rapes a guy? Sex isn't essential in our life, sex is for people who are in love and want to have a child. Why are people treating sex like the #1 thing we need? We need roofs over our heads, we need a loving family and others who love us, we need creativity, we need knowledge.....sex is important in a human's life but only if they're in love and wants to start a family......It's alright if a couple are married and they do sexual things, hey they love each other....but people who are not in love and have sex, it's...