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Article by deathding posted 1 month ago
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Lives. What do you think of them? Have you ever found true happiness? Did you ever lose something valuable to you? Is there something constantly saying to you on your mind, "Please Don't Happen!"
Well, those all make your emotions deep. It's actually pretty obvious, when somebody steals the last cookie from the cookie jar, you get mad. Not on a personal level but anger gets induced into you.
Now, you're probably reading this and wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Well, my life.
I am not going to complain that it sucks and everything is so boring and nobody has a soul, but there are just some things, burning deep in my heart, that I need to get out. And maybe teach a lesson or two.
You see, I wasn't always a normal person. I was an average 5 year old going to kindergarten, but I was never really liked. Heck, I had no idea what it was like to be loved.
My sister was loud, mean, rude, and overbearing, my mom, no offense at all and I don't want to sound like a bully or a complainer, but she is so lazy always watching television. And my dad can be REALLY rude and loud at times and often makes me cry.
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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So, for no reason whatsoever I decided to make an little thing about how I think each of my favorite characters would react to a “modern day” zombie apocalypse. I say modern because some of these characters are from past or fantasy time frames.

Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time): I can totally see her being that one person who keeps finding her way down shit creek—and naturally she doesn’t have a paddle either. Basically she’s the one who bad things keep happening to. For instance she’s the one who finds a stellar getaway car and it’s loaded with gas. But naturally, when she needs it most, the battery is shot because the group screw up left the lights on or it ran out of gas. However she’s the one who comes up with all the plans and strategies. The smart one of the group in essence and takes on the leadership role, much to the dismay of Icy and Azula. Neither of the two want to admit that she’s in charge, but everyone knows she is. I can also see Regina as the one to eventually find a solution/cure to the apocalypse, or at the very least find out how and why it had happened.
List by goatfacewwe posted 1 month ago
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There are many reasons as to why i believe she has earned this title.
1.She fattens her kids TOO Much.
2. She has let her kids get away with WAY too much crap.
3. She has let her daughter(honey boo boo) become a household name.
4. She and her entire family has made America Look Bad.
5. She herself is a BAD example for mothers everywhere.
6. She has let people to believe that being fat is alright.
7. She was once considered for Dancing with the Stars(which in it of itself would of been bad)
8. She had one of the Worst weddings that I have ever seen.
9. She should NOT have allowed her family get a show.
So as u can see she has proven to be the WORST Mother on the face of the earth.