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Opinion by GDragon612 posted 1 month ago
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1) Prove a teacher wrong.
2) If in school in a test: if your teacher walks by cover up your test and glare suspiciously at them.
3) Get caught passing a note that says the teacher is great! See what happens.
4) When ever there's a sub teacher, change your accent.
5) Annoy your teacher by pretending to text under your desk while type numbers on your calculator.
6) Stare at your teacher and smile at them creepily.
7) Stare at your teacher.
8) Once your teacher has told you what your homework is, jump up on your desk and yell, "Objection!".
9) Come late to school and when the teacher asks why say your pet rock had a seizure.
10) Get caught passing a note that says this teacher is great.
11) Pass a note to a friend in school (noticeably) that says"this teacher is great!"and see what happens.
12) Bring bouncy balls to class and send them everywhere when the teacher turns her back.
13) Leave your best friends # on a piece of paper and put it on your teachers desk saying "CALL ME!"
List by deathding posted 1 month ago
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Welcome to my list! ^__^
Ah, the Sega Genesis. Such a classic video game system that so many of us played when we were just kids, and it's time I started showing some appreciation for this fantastic system.

But before I do, for those of you who aren't familiar with the console, the Sega Genesis was released by sega around the late 80's and was meant to compete with Nintendo, and it actually WORKED!

Yes I said that, another human being company actually had a chance to beat Nintendo.

My reaction: &*#!$%*@&%$&@*W$%&@!!!!!!!!!!!!

But to avoid wasting my time and for you to get more detailed information, just go to Wikipedia or something, they'll tell you some really cool honest facts!

Mostly honest anyways, yeah I'm kidding.

So first off, the rules. Number 1, I can only list games I HAVE PLAYED, so no Gunstar Heroes, Rocket Knight Adventures, or Alien Soldier. (Also See honorable mentions later in this list.)
Article by ShadowFan100 posted 1 month ago
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I'm not sure if this issue has ever been discussed on here but I'll do this anyway. Right now, I feel it is time that I share my thoughts and feelings about whats on my mind: Gender roles

Look, I know some guys may actually LIKE some of the usual male stuff (and that's great, that's not really my issue) but I also know that not every guy is the same. Just because I am a "male", doesn't mean I have to be like the "traditional male"--and I don't want to be. My body may be male, but my physical appearance only shows you WHAT I am, not WHO. It's not supposed to. Being a male isn't (and shouldn't be) based on superficial things. It is about who were are on the inside.

Traditional male's love cars. I personally don't car for them. They're cool I guess.

Traditional male's love sports. I really don't. They're not "stupid" I just can't get myself to like em.

Traditional male's like out-door's stuff, like fishing and hiking. I don't like it that much. Though I do love nature at times--I admit it's beautiful.