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Article by misscrazel posted 1 month ago
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Why are so many people so mean? Why is there child abuse?
I noticed something strange at school. When someone cries no one asks them what's wrong. They'll point it out to others, but no one does anything. It's almost like they're afraid. I wondered why they didn't say anything later, but I didn't either. I think sometimes people don't want to interfere or maybe it's because no one else does something. Then again humans could just be cold hearted and ignorant.
People shouldn't feel so sad that they harm themselves or others. People shouldn't be so cruel as to let others feel that way.
Almost everyone experiences depression in their life.

Fan fiction by misscrazel posted 1 month ago
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I realized I loved Ashley a while ago. We were onstage and my microphone cut out. I was forced to use Ashley’s until mine was fixed. For just a moment our lips brushed together and I realized I loved him.
It was the end of Valentine’s Day. I wished I could get something for Ashley. Maybe next year I would be braver. I was alone in my room when I decided to call Ashley. I wouldn’t tell him I loved him yet, I just wanted to hear his voice. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. As I held the phone to my ear I heard a faint ring.

‘Hello?’ I heard Ashley’s voice.

‘Hi,’ I said, ‘this is Andy.’

‘It’s the middle of the night,’ he replied, ‘What do you need?’

‘I was just, uh, going to ask you something,’ I stumbled over my words, ‘sorry.’

List by arandomtallgirl posted 1 month ago
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1. Girls are always jealous because you spend more time with your friends than her.

2. Every girl secretly has a celebrity crush, no matter how much she makes fun of fangirls..

3. Girls have a bad side too, and sometimes they just want you to fuckin fuck them. But they'll never ask for it.

4. Every girl's dream is to cuddle with you till she falls asleep and wake up to find you cooking breakfast for her, JUST YEAAH.

5. All girls say they care about personalities but look is just a bonus, but in fact there's always something physical every girl looks for in guys like: being tall, having a sexy jaw bone, being muscular. But they'll never admit that they look for such things.

6. Most girls say they like being held from their waists or hugged from behind because it's so fucking romantic but in fact, it gives them goose bumps and a sensation of pleasure.

7. Girls like to know more about your personality, so they'll just tell you a random story, and according to your reaction, they'll build an opinion on you. So if you ever get the feeling that she's doing this simply ask her "why are you tellin me...