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Opinion by luckyPink posted 1 month ago
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My fav. Taylor song is Enchanted and this song always reminds me of my best frnd flightFlora.
This article is dedicated 2 her:

Lyric: "There I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired, lonely place
Walls of insincerity"

This reminds me of the day when i entered my new classroom, looking here and there and passing smiles. And i was searching 4 a frnd of mine who was not there anymore.

Lyric: "Shifting eyes and vacancy vanished when I saw your face
All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you
Your eyes whispered "have we met?
Across the room your silhouette starts to make it's way to me"

My nervousness just vanished when i saw u. How glad i was 2 c u. We both looked at each other and passes familiar gazes.

Lyric: "The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks, like passing notes in secrecy
And it was enchanting to meet you
List by cruella posted 1 month ago
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I'd planning to do this for a while, and I finally found the time. Remember this is just my personal opinion about these characters, if you disagree please be polite.

Be prepared to see some weird characters listed here! Also this list is subject to change, depending on what mood I happen to be in on a certain day.

Honorable Mentions
30. Rasputin- Anastasia
29. Maleficnet- Sleeping Beauty
28. Black Widow- Marvel universe
27. Tiana- The Princess and the Frog
26. Dr. Faciliar- The Princess and the Frog
25. Hades- Hercules
24. Snow White- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
23. Glittering Goldie- DuckTales
22. Gizmo- Gremlins & Gremlins 2: the new Batch
21. Skipper- the Madagascar franchise

20. Fix-it-Felix and Sergeant Calhoun- Wreck-it-Ralph

Well they're in my favorite animated heroes, heroines and couples; so odds were they would end up here. I can't really decided which one I like better, so I decided to put them together. Probably what I love the most is...
Article by ShadowFan100 posted 1 month ago
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This is my follow-up article to my last one "What's the point?"

Let me start by saying that I have thought long and hard about what you all had to say regarding my article. And I think it's time I reveal more of whats going on.

For what seems like forever (actually about 2 years or so) I have been battling depression. And when I am dealing with my depression, it's not always easy to see the good in this world. I've also thought that maybe some of my depression was brought on by my own self, but other times it may be an actual severe case of it. Because when you have depression, you tend to view the world darkly. But anyway...

I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but on some of the questions on the Random club, I tend to mention a dog on a few of them. The dog that I mentioned is named Duji (Dew-jee) who is my dog. On 1/13/2013, I lost him to the outside world. When I think back to that day (and I do it a lot) I can still remember exactly what was going on the day before it. I remember what I was doing, what I was thinking and how I felt. The day before, my mother and I were in town, while my aunt stayed with her grand kids (who...