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    Favorite Musician: Don't have one. Have a fav song, though- "Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright.
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How is it that everyone on this club seems to be on a first name basis with one another? Is there some way you guys all chat? Does anyone here even know my name? (I prefer Lullaby whether you know it or not, though). I just see everyone calling each other by their name , because when I was on we NEVER knew each other's names! (me and all the old users, none of whom are here anymore except Kataralover.) Posted 3 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
We don't have a chat, we just learned each others names because we've become close like a family. I actually like it a lot more that we can be on a first name basis, though sometimes I will forget the names because I have a HORRIBLE memory, but I do refer to people by their first name and their username. 3 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
Najma never has been one to care what people thought of her. I really wish that wallpost had never been made. 2 hours ago
princesslullaby commented…
well, I made a kik, it's queenlullaby, would you guys mind adding me to whatever chat you have? 40 minutes ago
Wow, I just got a personalized message from one of the founders of fanpop (At least I think they are, from what I looked up) for my personal opinion on articles. He even mentioned how I used to write so many articles but I don't come on as often anymore, and he needs my frank, candid opinion on how fanpop could change their articles. But I didn't just come to brag, I don't remember the last time I wrote an article, what's your opinion on what's good and bad about articles? Posted 3 days ago
audreybrooke commented…
I don't like the vague subject categories or how you have to do bracketed coding to get italics, bold, underline, etc. If they could streamline it a bit, I think it would be great. 3 days ago
ZeldaFanForever commented…
It would be nice to not have to use html codes for "spicing up" the articles, but to have a bar with the commands somewhere. Just like Livejournal has when you post an entry. 2 days ago
nmdis commented…
^That's what many of us (who received it) told I guess @ZeldaFanForever. @KataraLover dude give them time they are 4 and they need to do so so many things they are doing every thing step by step if you are not aware I want to inform that they (actually papa) added a poll a month ago (approx) in which he asked what fans want most (including meebo replacement) and by seeing the comments they are working forward for it. At first they bring back '_years ago' system and now they are working for article I am sure they'll soon work for meebo replacement but they first want to improve the 'necessary" things you see. All though you got a point so I will talk to papa and cliff about it (I am not in touch with Dave so I can't ask him about it) 1 day ago
ZeldaFanForever gave me props for my images
Love the new icons you uploaded <3 Posted 3 days ago
ZeldaFanForever commented…
Btw do you feel about other people uploading your graphics to other spots without credit? If you hate it, you will share one of Tiffany´s and my BEST friends on here.. 3 days ago